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DoorDash makes its big entrance in Quebec

23 October

Integrating the first french market into a brand in the middle of a pandemic is no small feat. Yet that’s exactly the challenge Doordash chose to take on, mandating Substance and Radiance to create the first campaign 100% from Quebec at the beginning of the summer.

“The team came knocking at our door wanting to transpose their brand’s overflowing energy into the Quebec market with a campaign that would resonate in Montreal’s local culture and its unique summer flavour,” explains Marylyna Larrivée Petrucci, account director for Radiance.

While the effervescence of festivals and jam packed terrasses was missing this summer, food remained at the epicenter of our shared moments. We thus decided to shine a light on the homegrown artists stealing the stage: our neighbourhood restaurants.

Taking inspiration from the visual codes and graphic themes of festivals, we regrouped the headliners of the local restaurant industry to create a lineup that is equally tasty and diverse. The goal: offer a festival of flavours available at the users’ door until they can take advantage of it on the stage of their choice.

Adapted for the web, for influencer marketing and for wild postings, this campaign consolidated Doordash’s place as the number one delivery service in North America, all while setting the table for future entirely quebecer initiatives.

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