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Mathieu Dufour takes over a web series for DoorDash

12 November

Seeking to soak in the local culture to anchor itself in Quebec, DoorDash asked Substance and Radiance to create a content initiative seasoned to local tastes.

The web series Aux commandes avec Mathieu Dufour is the fruit of this drive to offer original content wall-to-wall. In short episodes easily devoured, Mathieu Dufour explores different neighborhoods with Rosalie Vaillancourt, Adib Alkhalidey, Sarahmée, Sam Breton, and Alexandre Barrette. Filmed in Quebec city and Montreal, the series features the host and his guests sharing moments and saucy anecdotes.

Whether it’s a return to New France, taming the river on an inflatable boat, or a personalized ASMR seance, the unlikely moments come with each episode. Spontaneous and enthusiastic, Mathieu is the brand incarnate while remaining true to himself and offering new possibilities to each guest.

Lifted by the music of Clay and Friends and the illustrations of Amanda Di Genova, the Koze produced webserie is a true display of the local talents and restaurants, and offers a nice visibility to each eatery at the guests’ table.

Choosing to use ICI Tou.tv as a broadcasting platform and the various partnerships established to promote the web series reflect the company’s desire to let local artists shine. In short, a 100% Quebecer first order for DoorDash and content to be hungry for.

“Grand ideas are often bold, but they allow us to accomplish big things, and this campaign is the perfect example. The creation, realization, and execution of this campaign wouldn’t have been possible without a high-performance team composed of exceptional talent. I thank them for always pushing back the limits of content creation and for allowing such projects to see the light of day. This web series is an important milestone for our agencies and symbolizes another step towards becoming the best content creation and smart advertising solutions agency in Canada,” declared Guillaume Brunet, founding president of Radiance and Substance.

The 5 episodes of Aux commandes avec Mathieu Dufour are now available on ICI Tou.tv.

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