Check out our talk on data!

Pierre Gaillard


Gather, analyze and use your data to grow your business

Held April 17-18 at CONNEXION: The Digital Transformation Fair, hosted by Les Affaires.

Some 5,000 professionals came out and got the chance to share on several topics dealing with digital transformation. Data was a big one, to say the very least.

Radiance was there holding down the fort with a booth, a workshop, and most importantly, a talk called Gather, analyze and use your data to grow your business.

The aim was pretty simple: to get professionals to understand the growing and strategic importance of data.

And if you knew us, you would know how much we love sharing our know-how! That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with the content we presented the day of. So now you know!

Through this document, we give you answers to the following questions:

  • What is the current context of companies from a data perspective? For what challenges can data provide solutions?
  • What is a DMP, and how can it help your business achieve its objectives?
  • How does a DMP work? What factors will make your strategy a winning one?
  • What are the potential pitfalls to avoid when implementing your strategy?


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