COVID-19: How to adapt your online presence?

Marine Abbou

COVID-19: How to adapt your online presence?

During this time of crisis, uncertainty, and constant change, your digital and social platforms are called upon, now more than ever, to become the first point of contact between your clients and your brand. It is therefore vital to create value for the user, all while staying true to your identity.

In this presentation, we will share various tips for adapting your online presence during a time of crisis. We will address not only the importance of revising your content strategy, but also of adapting your marketing approach to better meet the immediate needs of your consumers. Whether you’re looking to seize an opportunity or identify the marketing actions to put into place, we’re convinced that this document will help guide you in all your future marketing decisions. For more information or for strategic advice tailored to your specific situation, don’t hesitate to reach out—we’re here to help.


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