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What is a Facebook pixel? And how can it help you? Read on to find out!

Do you know what automatic advanced matching means? No? Ok, let’s start at the beginning. You know about the Facebook pixel, right? No? No worries, we’ll clear it all up!

What is the Facebook pixel?

According to Facebook Business, the Facebook pixel is “a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.” So, it’s a piece of code that lets you track the client journeys of users who click on your Facebook ad.

The Facebook pixel: How can it help me?

The pixel provides access to a considerable amount of relevant data on the client journey. It lets you track your customers’ actions with precision once they click on your Facebook ad.

What kind of device was used? For how long did the user stay on your product page or site? Did she add an item to her cart before leaving? What pages did he visit on your site? By providing answers to these questions, the pixel is a useful tool for getting to know your audience so that you can optimize your targeting—because in the end, the Facebook pixel is all about making your campaigns more effective.

What is automatic advanced matching?

Created nearly three years ago, the Facebook pixel continues to evolve and add value to your campaigns. Its latest feature is automatic advanced matching.

For example:

  • At work on Monday morning, Simon sees a Facebook ad and clicks on it.
  • He visits your website and adds a pair of shoes to his cart. But he doesn’t have time to complete the order.
  • The next day, Simon decides to place his order using his work computer, but he’s no longer logged in to Facebook.

In the past, because Simon wasn’t logged in to his Facebook account, the Facebook pixel couldn’t have connected your Facebook ad with Simon’s purchase. However, your ad is what convinced Simon to buy the shoes in the first place! Unfortunately, cases like these lead to inaccurate data.

How does the automatic advanced matching tool work?

By cross-referencing the data from your website (such as the email address used to make the purchase) with Facebook data, the pixel can attribute the data to an event (a specific action such as adding to cart, newsletter sign-up, or purchase).

This tool enables more effective, precise and realistic tracking. And with more accurate data comes more informed decisions.

What does this have to do with Radiance?

We are gradually implementing this tool into all our Facebook campaigns. It is already in place for Ola Bamboo and Tremblant. And it works: we have seen 3 to 6% increases in specific events such as purchases, cart item adds, newsletter sign-ups, etc.

Tried, tested, approved!


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