Marc-André Dufresne

Substance and Radiance are proud to announce their merger, the arrival of two seasoned shareholders, and the creation of an ambitious succession fund regrouping seven young managers. The two organizations now represent a single performant, agile and innovative group of 50 experts specialized in digital marketing and smart advertising solutions.

With a human and modern approach, the now unified agencies’ mission is to propel brands forward with integrated content and strategies. They both share complementary expertises and therefore collaborate frequently on innovative, creative and high-performance campaigns. “Creating the succession fund and inviting new shareholders are part of our vision of being the best marketing investment for our clients. Joining our forces improves our agility and allows us to offer more to our clients, ” said Guillaume Brunet, president and founding partner of both agencies.

Succession Fund

Left to right : Audrey Dodier, Jean-Sébastien Giroux, Antoine Dupéré-Larivière, Guillaume Brunet, Christine Hauben, Valérie Gerbeau, Catherine Descarie, Marc-André Dufresne, and Marylyna Larrivée-Petrucci.

The Point-Saint-Charles group has carved its place in the industry not only by their performance, but also by their healthy and stimulating office culture. “As employers who care deeply about the professional growth of our talent, we challenge the status quo in order to establish new systems and to rethink the agency. Supporting the development of the employees at the heart of our success is our priority,” mentioned Jean-Sébastien Giroux, executive vice-president and associate of Substance and Radiance.

In the spirit of developing its human capital and its expertise, the group is proud to establish a succession fund to facilitate the acquisition of holdings by seven young professionals who have contributed to the ongoing success of the collective for years. “Guillaume and I are absolutely thrilled to welcome Marc-André Dufresne, Valérie Gerbeau, Marylyna Larrivée-Petrucci, Audrey Dodier, and Antoine Dupéré-Larivière as shareholders. We are also excited to integrate two other complementary agencies and their founders, Christine Hauben (Hauben Marketing) and Catherine Descarie (Soufflé Marketing) as shareholders,” added Jean-Sébastien. The creation of the fund was facilitated by the strategic and financial assistance of Desjardins Capital.

“In the last 6 years, I’ve occupied most positions at Substance. I’ve grown tremendously here, and this new succession fund shows that the company really supports us in our professional goals. It’s inspiring to grow in a Collective that believes in us just as much as we believe in it,” declared Antoine Dupéré-Larivière, account director at Substance and president of the succession fund.

“As an entrepreneur, establishing a succession fund is insuring your company’s continued growth as well as its longevity. It fills me with pride that employees that have been growing with us for years wish to invest in our agency and continue their careers by our side. The destiny of this strong group is now in the hands of six women and five men who will establish it as the referential digital marketing and performance media agency not only in Quebec, but also in Canada,” declared Guillaume Brunet, president of the Collective, with enthusiasm. The collective was certified Great Place to Work in the last year and ranked 2nd among companies with 100 employees or less in Quebec.

New executive shareholders

In addition to the succession fund, Natalie Larivière and Michel Gagnon, two experienced leaders of renown in the business world, enter the executive branch of the newly merged collective as shareholders. Breaking the boundaries of the cultural and media markets of Quebec for the last 20 years, Natalie Larivière distinguished herself thanks to her innovative projects with Quebecor Media, Transcontinental Media, and V Media Group. She has now been contributing to Substance Strategies’ growth for 5 years. Michel Gagnon counts over 25 years of experience in the sectors of media, entertainment, brand managing, and product launching. After an illustrious career at La Presse+, RDS, and La Cage aux Sports, Michel has been Vice-President of Strategy and Growth at Radiance Media for over a year. The arrival of Natalie and Michel as shareholders mark the next step in Substance and Radiance’s consolidation in the marketing and communications industry of Canada.

“This new unified structure gives us the firepower to pursue our growth with clients of stature not only in Canada, but in America,” concluded Jean-Sebastien.


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