Aude Robert

Talent and culture advisor

About It was during her studies in fashion marketing that Aude discovered a passion for human resources. That's why she persevered and obtained a bachelor's degree in human resources management. Interested in the human side of business, Aude found the right fit. After experiences in an architectural practice and a law firm, she joined Radiance, as Advisor, Talent and Culture. Aude is also a globetrotter. Her ideal trip? Hiking and beaches. Her next trip? Greece and Albania.

Learn more Role in the agency. Because the position did not exist before my arrival, I work to set up the department's processes and structure of the department. Talent is the raw material of Radiance, hence the importance of this position within the agency. We work hard to retain our employees and ensure they have a friendly workplace and great growth opportunities. I also help grow the agency by actively participating in the acquisition of new talent! It's exciting, because there are always things to do! What is your vision of digital ? It's the future, everyone uses digital. In recruitment too, we can’t avoid it. No one is looking for jobs in the newspapers. At my level, digital media allows me to set up an employer brand and my recruitment strategy. Things to do before you die. Do a round-the-world trip.Learn to play a musical instrument.Learn to speak Spanish If you could take 3 things to a desert island, what would they be? My boyfriend - for his love and moral support.My cat Léon - for his hunting skillsA personal development book - to continue learning every day.

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