Elise Obin

Digital Media Content Editor

About A young graduate with a master's degree in translation and writing, Elise has just joined the Radiance team and is now a Digital Media Content Editor. Her university studies and her recent experience in web agencies have given her technical and literary skills in several languages. She cares about her clients' needs and always strives to meet them as well as possible. Elise has an eye for detail and likes to make people want to read. A lover of climbing, she likes to take on challenges and knows how to manage pressure when obstacles arise. Curious and dynamic, she always finds ways to improve. In short, Elise is not afraid of anything!

Learn more Elise's mission is to create advertisements on various digital media outlets and social networks. The aim is to make the Internet user want to buy a product, choose a service or carry out an action. She writes relevant and catchy copy while respecting the values specific to each client and the format of each ad. What is your hidden talent? I love winter sports: ice skating and snowboarding. I disappear to the ice rinks and ski hills as soon as as the first snowflake falls! What is your vision of the digital world? When it comes to writing digital copy, you must create the highest quality content possible. On the Internet, it is hard to stand out because the competition is fierce. To do so, you have to understand the user and provide them with the information they need, and in the best possible way: be clear, precise and efficient. Today, Google puts the user experience first. We must therefore follow this example. What makes you get out of bed and come to work? The smell of hot coffee and toast! I can't concentrate with an empty stomach! Then, I head to work, where I meet my colleagues and my team, who are attentive, kind and understanding.

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