Marylyna Larrivée-Petrucci

Account director

About Always smiling and in a good mood, Marylyna is working as an account director for Radiance. For her, digital media is a way to offer extremely personalized solutions to optimize the return on investment of its customers. A pro parallel parker and hoping to one day taste coffee from every country in the world, Marylyna loves the precision of analysis that digital offers and the atmosphere of working with an enthusiastic team! Quickly, she has developed know-how in customer relations and unparalleled sense of team.

Learn more What is digital media to you? It is a form of revolutionary marketing. It is to understand what people do, how they do it, with what mediums, and with what intentions. It's really a way of analyzing people and offering them extremely personalized solutions, adapted and chosen according to their profiles. It's magic. Which cartoon character would you want to be and why? Garfield. Who wouldn’t want to eat lasagna, sleep and complain all day? Your list of things to do before you die? Try coffees from every country in the world (I really like coffee!). I also intend to get more involved with charities and travel to help others.

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