Nicolas Lefebvre

Campaign manager

About Nicolas graduated from UQAM in management sciences and joined Radiance in June 2018. Thanks to one of his courses he discovered an interest in digital. As part of this course, he presented a Google ads campaign on the premises of Radiance, without knowing that he would join them a year later. Nicolas is hyperactive when it comes to team sports: hockey, soccer, football... It doesn't matter, he plays 3 to 4 times a week.

Learn more Role in the agency As a campaign manager, I make sure everything runs smoothly. Ideally, I would like to become a team leader. I like helping people, sometimes even a little too much. In this role, you need to know how to be autonomous, have attention to detail, be on the lookout for the latest trends, stay up-to-date and above all have the desire and ability to learn, because it is an ever evolving universe. What is your vision of digital? It is a constantly evolving environment that will permanently change traditional media in favour of digital. More specifically, I don't think that television, the press or radio will disappear, but they will evolve and adapt becoming solely digital. List of things to do before you die? 1. Visit the West Coast of the United States 2. Visit Japan or take a tour of Europe 3. See a game in every NHL arena If you had to take three things on a desert island, what would they be? 1. A football 2. A fridge filled with food 3. A laptop with a Netflix account

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