Pierre Rougier

Campaign coordinator

About It was after studying in San Francisco that Pierre decided to head into digital-related activities. While studying for a diploma in web professions, Pierre affirmed his interest in web marketing. His mathematic but creative background fits today's data-driven marketing trend.After a few experiences in web marketing, Pierre found his place as a Campaign Coordinator on a performance-driven, united and innovative team at Radiance Media.

Learn more My role is Campaign Coordinator within a performance-oriented team. My goal is to ensure we always exceed our marketing goals, always looking upwards.I like the variety on all the campaigns I'm assigned, and how teamwork is necessary to achieve our goals. What is your vision of the digital world? Today's world is founded on digital. Almost everything is. I am from a generation that was born and raised among digital innovations. We call ourselves the "digital natives." Everything we do involves a smartphone or a laptop. In a world in which innovation has no limits, we can easily see traditional marketing become less and less relevant as time goes on, and digital fully take over. What is your hidden talent? I like big urban cities, and I'm all about the views. I believe I have a hidden talent for finding secret spots that offer breathtaking views in whatever city I move to! What do you do outisde of work? Two of my passions are videography and photography. They are the perfect blend of technique and creativity. Once again, the digital side, with montages and edits, brings an ever-expanding dimension to these activities.

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